The Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Rapture

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Atma Nadi (AN-1)

"The music that Dialectical Imagination play . . . heeds to some invisible, intuitive force that guides them through tonality and dissonance, barren and overflowing."

         - S. Victor Aaron (SomethingELSE!)

"The Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Rapture presents musical enigmas to be sure, but it reliably spikes with energy and intelligence that cannot be overlooked."

         - Karl Ackermann (All About Jazz)

"... it gushes lushly in one moment, then screams with adrenaline-rush urgency."

         - Craig (Wedge Radio)

"... six free flowing improvisations that mix melody with majesty and mayhem."

         - George W. Harris (Jazz Weekly)

"Despite its undeniable aggression, deeply-rooted musical elements are always present, creating a certain paradoxical beauty that emerges from the turmoil."

         - Troy Dostert (All About Jazz)


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  • New video posted from Dialectical Imagination's 2016 Northwest Tour! Watch it HERE